Believing in the impossible

As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with sensitive skin. I considered my skin an unpredictable enemy who hated me, I even tried to trap her into submission! She, of course, wouldn’t have it and just responded in another rash. Why would something so beautiful, powerful and protective make me feel so self-conscious? A few years ago I decided it was time to take a different approach and started listening to my skin. What started as a personal quest quickly led to developing my own formulations, synergizing botanical and gentle ingredients that actually improved the quality of my skin, rather than just cover up the problems. For the first time in my life I truly felt confident in the ingredients I was applying to my body and face and I am beyond grateful to get to share this balanced self-loving, self-caring and self-respecting approach to skin and beauty care with you.

No matter your skin type, the pursuit of healthy glowing skin
must always include pure & premium ingredients

My desire to create the SKINHERO product line was fueled by my frustration with the different skincare products I kept trying. There were fancy descriptions that held little to no truth, complicated or oversized packaging that didn’t consider being airline travel friendly and a ton of cheap or harsh ingredients that no one should put on their body. I had to create SKINHERO because while there are no shortcuts to balanced and nourished skin, there's no need to make something so empowering feel complicated - or potentially harmful.

There are no shortcuts to balanced and nourished skin

You must apply yourself in order to achieve what you desire and that goes for everything! When it comes to skin care, quick fixes and hot trends are not what will deliver lasting results. The solution is simple:


Thank you for allowing me to share my dreams with you, and remember: skin is a beautiful thing... wear it well.

Madeleine Wenthzel, Founder of SKINHERO