Frequently Asked Questions...

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I’m pregnant! Is this safe to use SKINHERO?
First of all – Congratulations! SKINHERO’s products are gentle and non toxic, but feel free to show our ingredient lists to your doctor. One Balm is perfectly safe to use while pregnant, and beneficial! With active ingredients such as Organic Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, it may even assist in keeping your baby bump tight and smooth without the risk of harmful chemicals being absorbed into your body.

Does your products have an expiry date?
SKINHERO products can do a lot of things, but immortality isn’t one of them. We designed most of our products without unnecessary preservatives, therefore we recommend keeping them dry and using them within 6 months to one year after purchase.

Will natural oils and butter stain my clothes?
SKINHERO One Balm is neutral in color and absorbs quickly into the skin, so unless you put it directly on your clothes it shouldn’t leave any stains any more than a standard body lotion.

I have sensitive skin, is SKINHERO a solution for me?
SKINHERO is suitable for all skin types and has been designed with sensitive skin in mind that shouldn’t irritate your skin. However, as you should with any other skin care product, we recommend that you test a small patch and wait 24 hours before continuing use. If reaction occurs, stop use immediately.

Can I One Balm on my face?
Yes! Our formulation is completely safe to use on your face. Keep in mind however, the pores in your face can react differently to the natural oils and butters than the rest of your body, so we recommend you test a small patch and wait 24 hours (as with any other product) before putting it all over your face. If reaction or bumps occurs, leave it alone.

Is my privacy kept safe?
Skinhero LLC will not share your information with any third parties and we value your privacy. Any information you share is stored behind a 'firewall' to prevent breaches of privacy. Credit card details are processed via a secure browser and we do not store your credit card details.