Saved By One Balm

The secret to this mighty hero

Once upon a time, I packed 2-3 toiletry bags before any trip and checked my luggage without exception. I had “Unpredictable crazy skin” so I had no choice but to bring everything I owned - or at least it seemed that way. I cursed skincare brands for their oversized packaging and the TSA for making me throw out products I tried to sneak on the plane, making sure I would feel self conscious about my skin by the time I got to my destination. 

To make things worse, I had no patience for an 8 step skincare routine while trying to make a life for myself, so I constantly failed to follow each intricate step and ended up with the same patches of dull, bumpy or irritated skin I always had. 

I had had enough!

I was determined to create a formula that replaced the stuff I used to lug around, that would provide hydration, nourishment, protection AND soothe. It had to be absorbed quickly and it had to be small, because skincare should not be limited to the bathroom shelf. A balm became obvious, as the absence of water makes it more potent (translation: less product needed) but I never liked the idea of sinking my fingers into a jar - I read too many article on contamination and was always thinking maybe that was what was upsetting my skin. 

As I got started, it turned out my “unpredictable” skin was just sensitive skin asking for better quality ingredients in place of potentially harmful ingredients. What I created not only worked, but it truly transformed my skin. I HAD TO produce it, package it and share it. 


My motto in life “Do you. Be You. For you.” translates seamlessly into One Balm. Weather you’re already a believer or haven’t tried it yet, I hope that this treatment guide will inspire you!


one-balm  What are you made of?

One Balm is made from seemingly magical plant based elixirs that’s been used since ancient times such as Feverfew, Aloe vera, Calendula, Cocoa and Mango seeds.

It’s scent is inspired by orchids, roses, white mimosa, a hint of dark musk and natural herbs.

Encased in a no-mess airless applicator One Balm helps you do everything from soothe, calm and rejuvenate your skin, to quick fix hair and make up on the go! One Balm is the caring, soft spoken, super nourishing hero your skin has been waiting for.

So if you’re looking to do more with your skin care than just add some temporary moisture like the other guys, here’s how. Don’t worry! You can thank me later:



An all-over body balm

Don’t let it’s small size fool you (it’s not a glass of wine) a little really goes a long way. Providing long lasting hydration, this unusual squeezable balm melts upon coming in contact with your skin without ever feeling oily or waxy. With regular use, One Balm will help improve the overall quality of your skin, with a smoother, renewed surface and can be used from top to toe.

An effective make up remover

Have you ever finished a work out or even left the office after a long day only to discover some too familiar panda eyes staring back at you in the mirror (or your front cam) with no make up remover in reach? Or worse… woken up at Bae’s house before you’ve had a chance to stashing those make up removing pads there?

Do. Not. Panic!

Simply dab a very small amount of SKINHERO One Balm onto a cotton ball (or a tissue, a towel even a q-tip if need be) and swipe away your grime quicker than a girl untagging herself from an ugly photo.


Smell like you give a damn

Besides treating dull skin, SKINHERO delivers a total mood boost. It smells like uplifting Orchid flowers blended with beautiful deep, rich Night Rose known for it’s ability to make people feel less worried when they breathe in the scent.

“It’s an engaging scent, light and uplifting, yet dark and sexy” Add a bit to your wrists and sniff all day (yourself that is)

Soften your pout

Just got off a flight or going out after work and caught yourself with a flakey lip? Sure, keep putting your lip balm on but it won’t be enough. Use about 2 pumps of One Balm, blend with some sugar. Using circular motions, massage lips for 30-60 seconds. Swipe off using soft wet towel and follow with your favorite lip balm or add more balm.


Soothe a sunburn

Ouch. A bad sunburn is one of the easiest ways to ruin a beach day. One Balm contains powerful organic Aloe Vera, Feverfew and Calendula extracts, which work in synergy to help comfort sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. With hydration that penetrates deep into the skin, One Balm can even help prevent excessive flaking.


Vanish abrasions

Most of us are not strangers to silly accidents, whether it’s getting a paper cut or taking a boxing class, we all fall victims to… clumsiness. And though most of us escape without serious injuries, we may still be left with annoying and unsightly abrasions of the skin. One Balm’s botanical ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that condition, soften and soothe irritated skin. It can even be used as a protective layer against environmental aggressors. Like charming hard floors against your elbows while planking at the gym (endure the pain through your core, not your elbows!)


Buh-BYE frizzy hair

While we love the “undone” look, any experienced babe knows we did not “wake up like this” and may need a little help. We stress the “a little” here: Using no more than 1 pump of One Balm, spread it in the palms of your hands and finger tips. Pinch the most unruly pieces first and careful pull the hair, leaving just a tiny amount of balm in you hair. Hydrate the ends of your hair and finally use the small amount left by stroking your hair using open palms.


Xo Madeleine


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